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San Diego Bath Refinishing Services

Bath Refinishing Services San Diego California


After a long day, lying in a warm bath is a great way to relax. Bathing in a filthy or rotting bathtub, on the other hand, can be a much less pleasurable experience. A chipped, scratched, rusted, or worn tub would look dated and unappealing in your bathroom. Before you get rid of the old tub, think about refinishing it. Bathtub refinishing is generally less costly than bathtub replacement, and it saves you the time and effort of a larger bathroom remodeling project. It also enables you to keep an older style, such as an antique clawfoot tub, that adds character to a bathroom but has seen better

About Us

San Diego Bath Refinishing was established more than 25 years ago when the owner wanted to do some DIY projects and discovered the cost-effective renovation for bathtubs, sinks, kitchen counters, and tiling floors.

We enjoy engaging with people and making their bathrooms look nicer. As a business, we strive to be one-of-a-kind by following the golden rule of treating others as we would like to be treated. For us, providing outstanding customer support and producing high-quality work is a way of life.


We recognize that most people are worried about a project that will significantly alter the appearance of their bathroom, kitchen, or floor, so we work hard to ensure that our service provides you with peace of mind. Our staff are all extremely professional and know exactly what they're doing; upon arrival, they'll make sure to explain the entire process to you so you don't feel awkward at any point.

However, replacing an old bathtub with a newer one is not always an easy job. The original tub almost always needs to be cut into pieces to fit through the bathroom door. It is also possible that flooring, trim, surrounds, and plumbing would need to be removed and repaired. While a new tub can be purchased for as little as $150, labor costs for the repair process can easily run into the thousands of dollars. Our method is not only safer and quicker, but it is also less expensive, saving you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on bathroom and kitchen renovations.


Bathtub Refinishing Treatment

The method of refinishing a bathtub is referred to as bathtub refinishing. This bathtub restoration technique is known by many names, including resurfacing, re-coating, refinishing, and reglazing, but it is a relatively simple process. A professional starts by sanding the tub's foundation, then filling in holes and worn areas before adding multiple coats of primer and paint before buffing.

Since bathtub reglazing is merely cosmetic, it is usually just a temporary fix. Consider it as if you were painting your nails with nail polish. It looks fine for a bit, but when you go through your daily life, you'll need to patch it up again.

If your original bathtub is in good shape but has minor cracks, scratches, or other surface defects, reglazing is an option. It's also appropriate for certain bathtubs. For homeowners with antique claw-foot tubs made of heavy cast iron, this is the only choice.

Acrylic bathtubs may also be reglazed if they don't have any big flaws.


Tile Refinishing Treatment

Bathroom tile refinishing is a low-cost way to turn old tile into cleaner, newer-looking tile for your walls. Moldy, discolored grout lines and fading tile colors are transformed into tiling you'll be proud to show off to guests using our advanced refinishing method. We can also use solid colors or a custom stone finish to refresh your old bathroom tiles. Furthermore, tile restoration is one of the least expensive alternatives to a large-scale remodeling project that could take weeks.

Tile refinishing requires the use of advanced equipment as well as bonding agents, clear finishes, primers, and top coats. Surface shine, refinished tile durability, and the length of time refinished tiles retain their "newness" are all essential distinctions between painting and refinishing tile. Spray enamel paint or epoxy will not make tiles look as good as a skilled refinishing work. In fact, tile resurfacing is the only way to restore your tiles to their original condition. Fresh ceramic tiles have a natural clean glaze since they are baked in high-temperature kilns. However, since removing your tiles and re-firing them isn't an option, refinishing is an excellent way to return the luster to your dull tiles. Renovating companies that promote their ability to reglaze tiles are not being completely honest.

"Our shower and toilet is reglazed by San Diego Bath Refinishing. It looks brand new and turned out wonderfully! John was prompt in responding. He set us up right away. The price was extremely reasonable. His crew was efficient and neat in their work. Overall, it was an amazing experience!" Jan S., Reno, Nevada.

Why should I refinish my tub?

If your bathtub is old, chipped, or otherwise damaged, there are more reasons to have it repaired or refinished than just aesthetics. Here are some of the ways our bathtub refinishing system benefits your health, saves you money, and saves you time:

The net cost of a new tub contains more than just the purchase price. To better understand the total cost of a new bathtub, you must consider the cost of a plumber as well as the cost of removing the surround, which is both necessary and by far the most expensive part. Even if your tub is dirty after drying or has visible staining, chips, or holes, all is not lost. Please contact us for a repair estimate! Repairs and refinishing are also far less costly than replacement, and we believe in saving you both time and money at Seattle Bathtub Guy. If we can avoid a lengthy (and costly) refinishing project, we will.

There's no need to let dingy, damaged, and inefficient fixtures ruin the look of your bathroom. We will re-glaze the old sink, vanity, or even counters with a gleaming new finish, saving you a significant amount of money over replacing them. You'll get the same results as if you purchased new fixtures, but at a fraction of the cost! We will remove stains, chips, and bruises from many parts of your bathroom suite in less than a day, and you will be pleased with the results.


According to research, several pre-1984 porcelain tubs had harmful levels of lead. This is a direct threat to the well-being of your family and yourself. By encapsulating your bathtub, we offer a safe, stable, and cost-effective alternative to a complete replacement, preventing any lead from harming your family.

Everyone is working hard to save the world, and refinishing your tub is an excellent way to reduce your carbon footprint! You've minimized your environmental impact while still saving money because you made the conscious decision not to install a new tub and instead dispose of your old one in a landfill. This is a win-win scenario!

Refinished bathroom fixtures can last for years, much longer than a chipped or scratched fixture will. If properly maintained, the results of a regular refinish job by us will last 10 to 15 years (we'll give you plenty of pointers!). Never use bathmats, abrasive cleaners, or scrubbing pads!


"They arrived in two days, built a new bathroom, had excellent staff, good communication because John was attentive, and I was very satisfied with the quality of work. We were able to stay within our budget while receiving excellent service. I'd recommend it." Amanda C., Carson City, Nevada.


FAQ & Process

We'll go through the refinishing process in detail below so you know what to expect when the refinishing technicians arrive at your home.

The first step in the process is to inspect your bathtub. Once you've received a quote, the tub will need to be inspected to ensure that our technician doesn't overlook something and knows exactly what needs to be fixed.

The refinishing technician will also let you know if any further tub damage has happened or if it needs to be fixed right away. Tubs that are badly damaged or stained will not be refinished and will need to be replaced; however, this will be communicated to you.


FSA/HSA Coverage

One of the most important stages in the refinishing phase is surface preparation. This move should be performed by a professional because it is easy to make a mistake, and if you do not have the requisite experience, the glaze will not work properly.

During the preparation time, the caulk around the bathtub, as well as all hardware, non-slip surfaces, and fixtures, may be removed. The tub's surface will be scrubbed, sanded, washed, and rinsed to remove any soap scum, dirt, old glaze, and hard water stains.

After thoroughly cleaning the shower, our technician will apply a primer to it. This primer can help the glaze adhere to the pan, and once dry, the top coat can be applied.

It will take a few hours to complete the operation, and you should be able to use your bathtub again in 24 to 48 hours. It's important not to use the bathtub during this period because the top coat needs to cure properly.

"They arrived in two days, built a new bathroom, had excellent staff, good communication because John was attentive, and I was very satisfied with the quality of work. We were able to stay within our budget while receiving excellent service. I highly recommend Reno Bath Refinishing Services." Monica J., Reno, Nevada.

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Have you heard enough and you're ready to get your tub refinished? Embrace the prospective of an altered tub in just a few days and get in touch with us. You'll find our contact info on our contact page, so head there to send us a message us and book in your new bathroom or kitchen!