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Do you have countertops that are outdated or damaged? Or are you really looking for a cost-effective way to upgrade your surfaces? San Diego Bath Refinishing will assist you in either case!

Countertop resurfacing, tile refinishing, and bathtub resealing are enticing alternatives to remodeling due to the high cost of labor, materials, and time. Resurfacing is usually 1/3 the expense of a full-scale remodel and replacement.

What is the concept of resurfacing?

The process of applying a new coating on top of an existing surface, such as a countertop, tile, or shower, is known as resurfacing. Bath refinishing in San Diego is a cost-effective way to refresh, upgrade, and beautify them without having to replace them.

Depending on the quality and size of your floor, our proprietary resurfacing method can take as little as one day. They must cure for a full 24 hours before being used again—much less time than demolishing, extracting, and replacing the old ones!
We're the resurfacing experts!

Homeowners and property managers have discovered a way to get stunning, like-new countertops, bathtubs, sinks, and tile for a fraction of the cost of replacing them. We're known for our fast and easy kitchen and bathroom countertop resurfacing. Our resurfacing process is unrivaled when it comes to restoring old, damaged surfaces. We fix and resurface tile, laminate, and even cultured marble on a regular basis.

So, why replace when you can simply resurface?